1-to-1 meetings should be effortless to schedule.
Now they are.
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Build Connections
One-to-one meetings foster a level of connection that you're simply not going to achieve from only interacting in group settings.
Gain Trust
The trust that comes out of one-to-one meetings makes you actively want to help each other personally and professionally. The familiarity gained leads to ideas for collaboration that would otherwise remain undiscovered.
Eliminate Lost Opportunities
Too many opportunities for one-to-one meetings fall by the wayside because of scheduling difficulties. Many never even get initiated, not because there isn't time to meet, but because the process of reaching out and scheduling seems daunting.
Schedule & Location Resolution
Our system make it easy to discover a time and place that is mutually convenient for both parties. Just give a few windows of time with locations that are good for you, and let the other party pick one, or respond with their own selection of meeting options for you to choose from.
Capitalize on Opportunities
You've probably been there. You have the perfect hole in your schedule for a meeting. But if you reach out to someone to try to meet then, chances are they'll be busy. By the time they let you know, it may be too late to find someone else to meet with. Even if they get back to you right away, you might have to keep going down the line to find someone whose schedule is compatible. With 121meet, you can easily find that one person whose schedule coincides with yours by posting your opening to the whole group, or to a handful of selected members, allowing whoever is available to schedule it with you.
Gentle Encouragement
121meet will (optionally) send weekly suggestions to members of your group, identifying someone they haven't set up a 121 with in a while and suggesting they schedule one. We also provide a scoreboard for your group that shows statistics on how many meetings have been scheduled and who the leaders are in the group over various time frames, opening things up for a little healthy competition.
Start Connecting
Get started with our basic version for free, then unlock premium features for your group at any time for $1.99 per member per month.
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What we do
121Meet makes it easy for members of networking groups (or other groups) to schedule one to one meetings with each other.
Why we do it
Meeting one on one builds a stronger connection than you can achieve merely interacting at events and group meetings.
The trust that emerges from these meetings makes you want to help each other personally and professionally, and the knowledge and familiarity you gain leads to ideas for collaboration that would otherwise go undiscovered.
The problem is, one-to-one meetings occur far less often than they should, largely because coordinating schedules can be so difficult and daunting.
How we do it
We created a platform that lets you pinpoint a time and a place that is mutually convenient with minimal back and forth.
Have one person you want to schedule with? Just list a few blocks of time when you're available and where you'll be. If any of those times work for them, they can just accept it and we'll alert you and add it to your calendar. If not, they'll send a proposal back to you with some times that work for them.
Have a rare opening in your schedule and don't want to let it go to waste? Open a 1-to-1 proposal to multiple members, allowing you to match with the one member whose schedule happens to coordinate with your own.
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